Land Art experiences for schools and groups

Land Art experiences for schools and groups –

Following the work I did with Faceless Arts on Art Comes Naturally and the current work I’m doing with Todwick Primary, I really want to develop further my school work.  Witnessing how much children get from the opportunity to explore the outdoors and create artwork using foraged materials has been very rewarding.

I have very reasonable rates for my Land Art experience days and can taylor activities around the schools requirements in terms of numbers, so please share and get in touch if you’d like more details.

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100 Leaves / WW1 Centenary Artwork

100 Leaves / WW1 Centenary Artwork –

Over the 5 centenary years of the Great War, I’ll be producing 5 limited edition prints, involving the hand cutting of 100 individual leaves.  3 years into the project here’s the work so far.  Please drop me an email if you’d like to purchase any of the limited edition works.

1914+100 – 100 Fallen Leaves, edition of 25



1915+100 – Leaf, edition of 25

(A collaboration with poet, broadcaster and all round good guy Ian McMillan)



1916+100 – 100 Lost Leaves, edition of 25

(with support and contributions from the Parsons Cross Initiative writers group)


Creative moments from Anston Stones

Creative moments from Anston Stones

Anston Stones is my playground, its right on my doorstep and the place I go to be inspired by the surroundings, the changes in the seasons and the abundance of resource from which to inspired.  I get feedback from people who bump into me when Im playing and company from my dog who is normally in tow and also the wildlife that seem to accept me the longer I’m there. Had some lovely encounters with the Kingfishers that have resided there this year and often have a Jay that happily hops past along the woodland floor.

img_0316 img_0446

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Spirals – Been out and about making a series of twig spirals –

Spiral No.1 Hawks Wood, South Yorkshire


Spiral No.2 Anston Stones Wood, South Yorkshire


Spiral No.3 Anston Stones Wood, South Yorkshire


Spiral No.4 Anston Stones Wood, South Yorkshire


Spiral No.5 Cannon Hall Park, Hawthorne, South Yorkshire


Spiral No.6 Chesterfield Canal, South Yorkshire


Spiral No.7 Ulley Country Park