Work at Todwick Primary School

My work at Todwick Primary School –

I’m currently working 1 day a week in Todwick Primary School, in the morning I work with whole classes on creative arts project using natural materials outside. In the afternoon I lead a woodland school for 10 children on a weekly basis.

Artwork with FS2 and Year 1

img_0961 img_0964 img_0966 img_0968 img_0975 img_0969

img_0982 img_1027 img_1033 img_1036 img_0985 img_1023

Todwick Woodland School

This is my group of awesome kids who I’ll be working with over the coming months, we’ll be going on a journey as we explore, play and grow together in the woods.

img_1807   img_1810 img_1811 img_1813 img_1809img_1816

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